Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 4, Chilton H., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 4, Chilton H., 2015.

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Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 4, Chilton H., 2015

Personal profile.
1 Ask students to read the information and discuss the questions in pairs. Then hold a short class discussion. Ask ‘Do you think this is a good idea?’ and ‘Would you like to do something like this?’
2 Give each student one of the profiles to read, making sure there is an equal number of students reading each text. Tell them not to worry about any words they don’t know at this point. Ask them to match their text to one of the activities in the box.

Put students into groups of three, including one student who has read each text. They tell their group about the person they read about. Students then read all three profiles and check that they have matched the people and activities correctly. Check answers.

Introduction to Prepare!
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
1 Personal profile.
2 In fashion.
Culture Homes around the world.
3 My way of life.
4 Champions PE Sportstraining.
5 Take a good look.
6 Modern life.
Culture Meeting and greeting.
7 Getting on.
8 Going away Geography Our world.
9 Shop till you drop.
10 Taste this!
Culture What I eat.
11 A healthy future.
12 Incredible wildlife.
Science Ecosystems.
13 Moods and feelings.
14 Watch it, read it.
Culture World cinema.
15 Digital life.
16 Wish me luck!
Maths Units.
17 Skills and talents.
18 The world of work.
Culture Special training schools.
19 The written word.
20 Puzzles and tricks.
Biology The eye.
Review answer key.
Grammar reference.
Workbook answer key and audioscripts.

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