Prepare, Student’s book, Level 5, Capel A., Joseph N., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 5, Capel A., Joseph N., 2015.

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American teenager Emily Hagins showed a strong interest in films and film-making at a young age, and often happily sat through some movies several times at her local movie theatre in Austin, Texas. She once wrote a letter to Peter Jackson, the director of her favourite series of films The Lord of the Rings. In his reply, he suggested a useful contact for Emily, who she later got in touch with. Emily started by producing several short films and a documentary.
Her father was helpful early on, having spent time with directors on film sets due to his job in advertising. However, although he guided her through what needed to be done, he made sure he left all the i directing up to Emily.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 5, Capel A., Joseph N., 2015

Local teenager Bonnie Williams has just become the champion of the Perisher snowboarding competition, which takes place every year in August. Bonnie, who has been a member of the Snowy Mountain Snow Club for the last two years, took part in the national event at just 14 years and three months. She was competing against much older girls, who are among the best in the country.

But this isn't all that this young girl has achieved. At the age of ten, she was signed up by the sportswear designer label, Booyong. 'That was really important,' she says. 'After that, I was certain that I could bo really good because people outside my family believed in me. It was fantastic.' Her parents, Johnny and Kath, who live in the Snowy Mountains, own a shop that sells snow sports equipment. Bonnie started snowboarding at the young age of four, after her father gave her a snowboard.

1 Going shopping.
2 Friends forever.
Culture Shopping around the world.
3 Fun and games.
4 From fire to snow Geography Glaciers.
Review 1.
5 You made it!.
6 Take good care of yourself.
Culture National sports.
7 Sound checks.
8 Amazing architecture.
Biology Hearing.
Review 2.
9 The future is now.
10 Animals and us.
Culture Animals as national symbols.
11 Off to school.
12 Getting around.
Maths Speed calculations.
Review 3.
13 Perfect or real?
14 Ready to cook.
Culture Advertising and you!
15 City and countryside.
16 Let's film that!
Language Film reviews.
Review 4.
17 Getting the message.
18 We love the celebs!
Culture Fan culture and social media.
19 The world of work.
20 Making plans.
ICT Internet safety.
Review 5.
Exam profiles.
Word profiles.
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.
List of irregular verbs.

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