Prepare, Student’s book, Level 4, Styring J., Tims N., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 4, Styring J., Tims N., 2015.

   Prepare! is a lively general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation integrated throughout.
Everything for General English
Motivating, age-appropriate themes encourage student engagement and discussion A wide variety of topics builds vocabulary range while the English Vocabulary Profile guarantees language level
Cross-curricular and culture units stimulate interest in global topics ‘Prepare to...’ sections develop writing and speaking skills A grammar reference section with additional activities provides extra support
Lively video interviews with teenagers bring language to life Everything for Exam Preparation
Gradual exposure to exam tasks, written and edited by exam experts.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 4, Styring J., Tims N., 2015

Read Ivan’s email again. Plan your reply and make some notes. Here are some ideas to help you.
• How many games do you have on your phone?
• How often do you play?
• What’s your favourite game? Why do you like it?
• What do you have to do in the game?
• What games would you recommend for a long journey? Why?

Read about three more teenagers who want apps to help them with learning English. Underline three key things that each person wants.
2 Anna enjoys all subjects at school but finds she needs more help in English. She is bored of doing traditional vocabulary and grammar exercises and is looking for something else, that is quick to complete.
3 Luis likes watching movies and TV comedy shows in English, but would like to understand them better. He expects apps to look good and is prepared to spend a lot on the right one.
4 Evie likes fun language apps that allow you to compete.
In particular, she’s interested in developing her vocabulary skills. She doesn't mind paying for something if it’s worth the price.

1 Personal profile.
2 In fashion.
Culture Homes around the world.
3 My way of life.
4 Champions PE Sports training.
Review 1.
5 Take a good look.
6 Modern life.
Culture Meeting and greeting.
7 Getting on.
8 Going away.
Geography Our world.
Review 2.
9 Shop till you drop.
10 Taste this!
Culture What I eat.
11 A healthy future.
12 Incredible wildlife.
Science Ecosystems.
Review 3.
13 Moods and feelings.
14 Watch it, read it.
Culture World cinema.
15 Digital life.
16 Wish me luck!
Maths Units.
0Review 4.
17 Skills and talents.
18 The world of work.
Culture Special training schools.
19 The written word.
20 Puzzles and tricks.
Biology The eye.
Review 5.
Word profiles.
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.
List of irregular verbs.

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