Prepare, Workbook, Level 6, McKeegan D., 2015

Prepare, Workbook, Level 6, McKeegan D., 2015.

   Prepare! is a lively general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation integrated throughout.
Everything for General English
Provides further practice of the language and skills developed in the Student’s Book О Motivating, age-appropriate themes encourage student engagement О A wide variety of topics builds vocabulary range while the English Vocabulary Profile guarantees language level.
Recordings for the listening exercises are available as MP3 downloads.
Everything for Exam Preparation.
Gradual exposure to exam tasks, written and edited by exam experts.

Prepare, Workbook, Level 6, McKeegan D., 2015

1 The author thinks teens see shopping malls as places
A to buy clothes.
В to spend time with their family.
C to meet their friends.
D to work.

2 Younger teenagers hang out in shopping malls more than older teens because
A they don't have to drive there.
В they have nowhere else to go.
C they have part-time jobs there.
D they have more leisure time.

3 What does the psychology professor think about teens hanging out in shopping malls?
A concerned that it is slowing their development
В worried that they are not using their time productively
C happy that there is a safe place for them to go
D optimistic about the academic benefits.

1 New year, new challenge.
2 Live music.
3 Family matters.
4 Forces of nature.
5 Virtual action.
6 Creative eating.
7 Teen fiction.
8 Getting away from it all.
9 Spend or save?
10  Give me a hand.
11 The digital age.
12 My circle of friends.
13 Sports stars.
14 Accident and emergency.
15 Telling the truth.
16 Who cares?
17 Art is fun!
18 Challenging fate.
19 Against the law.
20 Places to hang out.

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