Prepare, Workbook, Level 5, Joseph N., 2015

Prepare, Workbook, Level 5, Joseph N., 2015.

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I really like going round the markets with my friends. There are markets on the first Sunday of the month near my house. They sell lots of different things. The market is divided up into different areas so for example there’s the food area. You can’t miss it because there’s a big sign above the entrance. You can do your weekly grocery shopping, you know, fruit and vegetables, or you can just have a coffee and a piece of cake there. Then there's the clothes section, which my sister loves but I think is really boring. I mean, clothes are clothes! One thing I like best about the market  is the second-hand goods area - that’s where you can find anything and everything! There are old books, furniture, kitchen equipment and some really amazing objects. The other week I found a really old paperweight; you use it to stop papers from blowing away. It’s made of heavy glass and it's beautiful because you can see different colours in it. I think it's an antique. But I think the best part is the entertainment. There's always someone playing some У 4 music. It’s such a great atmosphere.

Prepare, Workbook, Level 5, Joseph N., 2015

Friends forever.
Choose the correct answer.
1 Susie always tells you what she really thinks. She’s honest / intelligent.
2 I don’t like the way Josh talks to Ben. I think he’s quite anxious / cruel.
3 Jake studied really hard for the test and he was confident / silly.
4 My friend is annoying / reliable because he keeps changing the date of his party.
5 Yesterday we laughed so much about tiny things -we were really silly / talented.
6 My test is tomorrow and I feel anxious / reliable because I haven’t studied.
7 Duncan is never calm or relaxed - certainly not easygoing / annoying.
8 Frank is a silly / reliable student - he’ll bring in the note from his mum tomorrow.

1 Going shopping.
2 Friends forever.
3 Fun and games.
4 From fire to snow.
5 You made it!
6 Take good care of yourself.
7 Sound checks.
8 Amazing architecture.
9 The future is now.
10 Animals and us.
11 Off to school.
12 Getting around.
13 Perfect or real?
14 Ready to cook.
15 City and countryside.
16 Let’s film that!
17 Getting the message.
18 We love the celebs!
19 The world of work.
20 Making plans.

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