Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 3, Rimmer W., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 3, Rimmer W., 2015.

The Cambridge English Scale is used to report candidates’ results across the range of Cambridge English exams. This single range of scores covers all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The total marks for each of the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and for Use of English (where relevant) are converted into scores on the Cambridge English Scale. These individual scores are averaged to reach the overall Cambridge English Scale score for the exam. Results clearly show where the exams overlap and how performance on one exam relates to performance on another.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 3, Rimmer W., 2015

It’s a challenge!
The adventure starts here.
Mr Jackson: Good afternoon, everyone. Thanks for coming to the meeting. Now, I’m going to tell you about the Merrydown Award. A very special man called John Merrydown started it 50 years ago. He was a head teacher here, and he wanted to help his students have fun, make friends and learn new things. Those first students had a great time, and I hope you do too.

There are four parts to the award. You do something different in each part, but they are all very useful in your lives. The first part is ‘public speaking’. You need to think of a subject and prepare to talk about it for three minutes. You do this in front of a big group of people. It sounds easy but it’s not!

The next part is ‘fitness’. It’s all about getting fit! You can choose any kind of exercise. It can be sport, or dance, or something else.

Then, there’s the ‘skills’ part. For that, you need to choose a hobby or activity and get better at it. Maybe you can learn to play the piano or the guitar. Or, if you know what job you want to do when you're older, you can find out about that.

Introduction to Prepare!.
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
1 It’s a challenge!.
2 The natural world Culture The USA.
3 Travel: then and now.
4 My place Geography Rivers.
5 School.
6 It’s very special.
Culture Secondary school in the UK.
7 Travel and holidays.
8 Life in the future.
Science The birth and death of stars.
9 Sport and games 10 Useful websites.
Culture Football (the beautiful game).
11 City living.
12 Festivals and films History The history of writing.
13 Life experiences.
14 Spending money Culture Instrument families.
15 Free time.
16 So many languages Design and Technology.
17 Staying healthy.
18 Expedition Culture Mumbai, India.
19 Different ingredients.
20 Changes.
Literature Michael Morpurgo.
Exam profiles.
Review section answer key.
Grammar reference answer key.
Workbook answer key.

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