Prepare, Workbook, Level 3, Holcombe G., 2015

Prepare, Workbook, Level 3, Holcombe G., 2015.

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In the late 18th century, a man called Abraham Darby III built the world's first iron bridge, across the River Severn in England. He also built houses for his factory workers to live in and he was popular because he paid them more money than other factories did.
Today, the whole area of Ironbridge is a group or ten living museums, where visitors can learn about history and see how things like iron and glass were made 100 years ago. To make Ironbridge seem real, most of its staff dress in 19th-century clothes. Visitors can dress like this for a special photo at the old photographer's shop, at any time of the day they choose.

Prepare, Workbook, Level 3, Holcombe G., 2015

Write a description of your family’s meal times. Answer these questions:
1 What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
2 Where do you eat? (e.g. kitchen, dining room)
3 Who prepares the meals?
4 Do you and your family have a favourite meal?
5 Who washes up the dirty dishes?

Now write about an expedition you have been on. Answer these questions:
1 Where did you go?
2 Who did you go with?
3 Where did you stay?
4 What did you do?
5 What did you like and dislike?
6 How long did you stay?

1 It’s a challenge!
2 The natural world.
3 Travel: then and now.
4 My place.
5 School.
6 It’s very special.
7 Travel and holidays.
8 Life in the future.
9 Sport and games.
10 Useful websites.
11 City living.
12 Festivals and films.
13 Life experiences.
14 Spending money.
15 Free time.
16 So many languages!
17 Staying healthy.
18 Expedition!
19 Different ingredients.
20 Changes.

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