Prepare, Workbook, Level 4, Joseph N., 2015

Prepare, Workbook, Level 4, Joseph N., 2015.

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I love reading Ourreadingblog. It’s a blog about books for teens and it gives some really good reviews and articles. They are a good length – some blogs have very long posts. Also, Ourreadingblog has a few good photographs. But Ourreadingblog also has an Instagram and so there are photos of the covers of good books there. Ourreadingblog usually posts once a month but sometimes more often, when there are a lot of good books! I really like the links at the end of the review because they are useful. Readers can send in their own reviews too. It’s a great blog!

Prepare, Workbook, Level 4, Joseph N., 2015

Correct the mistakes in these sentences or tick (✔) any you think are correct.
1 Jane called me, and she said that she and her brother are going to the swimming pool.
2 He said that he is going to the shopping centre.
3 I want to say you that I got a new computer game.
4 She saw me and she say that she knew me and we began to talk.
5 They said that they would go shopping and then they would watch a movie with me.

Match the words from exercise 1 to their meanings.
1 a part of a text that begins on a new line and usually contains several sentences
2 a picture or text which tries to persuade people to buy a product or service
3 the name of a book, movie, story
4 the part of a story that is printed in large letters above the article
5 the part of the magazine that gives information about what is inside it
6 the page in a magazine where readers can write their thoughts and ideas
7 a meeting between two people in which someone answers questions about themselves.
8 a piece of writing on a particular subject
9 the end of the magazine, often with an advert.

1 Personal profile.
2 In fashion.
3 My way of life.
4 Champions.
5 Take a good look.
6 Modern life.
7 Getting on.
8 Going away.
9 Shop till you drop.
10 Taste this!.
11 A healthy future.
12 Incredible wildlife.
13 Moods and feelings.
14 Watch it, read it.
15 Digital life.
16 Wish me luck!
17 Skills and talents.
18 The world of work.
19 The written word.
20 Puzzles and tricks.

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