Prepare, Student’s book, Level 6, Styring J., Tims N., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 6, Styring J., Tims N., 2015.

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Anna wanted to be a singer in a musical, but she was very nervous so she asked her friend Margot to help her practise her songs. Anna asked Margot to go with her when she tried for a part, but she was too nervous to be able to sing well. The director didn’t give the part to any of the girls who applied for it. Then he noticed Margot in the waiting room and thought she looked right for the character. He asked her to sing for him. Luckily she knew the songs because she’d helped Anna to practise them. She didn’t think she had a chance of getting the part, so she wasn’t nervous. As she had a good voice, she sang very well and got the part.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 6, Styring J., Tims N., 2015

The Apple iPhone.
When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, touch-screen technology and smartphones already existed, but Apple's new device changed phone design completely with its unique appearance and advanced technical features. The most obvious of these was the iPhone's large screen that took up most of the front. It was also thin, light and made with high-quality materials, such as aluminium and steel. The phone's curved edges gave it an elegant, luxurious appearance.

Not only did the iPhone look good, it was also easier to use than other phones. For example, users could touch and move images on the screen, as if they were objects. In addition to making calls and sending text messages, users could also go online, check their email, take photos, and play songs or videos. Nowadays, that isn't so special, but in 2007 it was an impressive development.

1 New year, new challenge.
2 Live music.
Culture Education.
3 Family matters.
4 Forces of nature.
Geography Climate zones.
Review 1.
5 Virtual action.
6 Creative eating.
Culture Typical food.
7 Teen fiction.
8 Getting away from it all.
Language Travel writing.
Review 2.
9 Spend or save?
10 Give me a hand.
Culture Saving money.
11 The digital age.
12 My circle of friends.
ICT App design.
Review 3.
13 Sports stars.
14 Accident and emergency.
Culture Emergency services.
15 Telling the truth.
16 Who cares?
Chemistry Fossil fuels.
Review 4.
17 Art is fun!
18 Challenging fate.
Culture Iconic designs.
19 Against the law.
20 Places to hang out.
Citizenship Youth justice.
Review 5.
Word profiles.
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.

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