Prepare, Student’s book, Level 3, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 3, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015.

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We can reuse buildings in the same way as we can reuse things like cars, clothes and furniture. Do you ever think about what buildings were before? In this article you’re going to read about three buildings which started their lives with very different uses from those they have today.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 3, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015

Breakfast cereals.
Breakfast cereals are popular in many countries, especially in the USA, where they are served in nine out of ten homes. They are made from grains such as corn, wheat and rice. They are usually eaten with milk, or with yogurt and fruit.

In the beginning, cereals were health foods. In the late 1800s, some doctors in the USA made them in hospitals and gave them to their patients. At first they used whole grains, without sugar or salt and they didn't taste good. However, this soon changed, and from the 1930s, some companies began to add sugar to their cereals and to advertise them to children. They made a lot of money this way, but it wasn't a healthy food any more. These days some children's cereals are 50% sugar and doctors say we shouldn't eat them too often.

1 It's a challenge!
2 The natural world Culture The USA.
3 Travel: then and now.
4 My place Geography Rivers.
Review 1.
5 School.
6 It's very special.
Culture Secondary school in the UK.
7 Travel and holidays.
8 Life in the future.
Science The birth and death of stars.
Review 2.
9 Sports and games.
10 Useful websites.
Culture Football (The beautiful game).
11 City living.
12 Festivals and films.
History The history of writing.
Review 3.
13 Life experiences.
14 Spending money Culture Instrument families.
15 Free time.
16 So many languages!
Design and Technology Materials from nature.
Review 4.
17 Staying healthy.
18 Expedition!.
Culture Mumbai, India.
19 Different ingredients.
20 Changes.
Literature Michael Morpurgo.
Review 5.
Exam profiles.
Get talking!
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.
List of irregular verbs.

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