Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 5, McDonald A., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 5, McDonald A., 2015.

   The English Vocabulary Profi le (EVP) is an online resource providing detailed information about the words, phrases, phrasal verbs and idioms that learners of English know and use at each of the six levels of the CEFR. The vocabulary syllabus of Prepare! has been informed by using EVP to ensure that students at each CEFR level are presented with high-frequency words and phrases that are suitable for their language level and relevant to each unit topic. Many of the most common words in English have a great number of different meanings, and a thorough knowledge of these words helps students to operate successfully even with limited language. The special Word profi le feature in Levels 4–7 deals with these powerful words in detail. Furthermore, the main vocabulary sections regularly focus on aspects other than ‘concrete’ topic nouns and verbs, such as adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, phrasal verbs, word families and phrases. All of these aspects are important if the syllabus is to provide true breadth and depth.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 5, McDonald A., 2015

Fun and games.
1 Well, I was on holiday at the sea with my parents and I entered this competition at the hotel. You know, I had to take part in a number of swimming races. I thought to myself, I’m going to win the prize! And I did! Anyhow, the prize was a trip out to an island and we were going to learn how to swim under the water, with special equipment. I’d never done that before, so I definitely wanted to have a go! Unfortunately, the weather was really bad on the day and so the boat couldn’t go out. Everyone apologised, you know, said how sorry they were. It was a shame - I was really looking forward to it!

2 I’m like lots of kids my age - I play one of the most famous games in the world! I usually play on Thursdays after school, and I think I’m quite good at it. I score quite a lot of goals when we play matches, but yesterday I wasn’t concentrating. The ball came to me and I had to score a goal because if not, we were going to lose the match. And it was the last match of the season, you know, so an important one. Unfortunately,

I didn’t score. I was really angry with myself. Fortunately, another player in my team managed to score, so we still beat the other team - we won 4-2! It was a great result!

Introduction to Prepare!
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
1 Going shopping.
2 Friends forever.
Culture Shopping around the world.
3 Fun and games.
4 From fire to snow.
Geography Glaciers.
5 You made it!.
6 Take good care of yourself.
Culture National sports.
7 Sound checks.
8 Amazing architecture.
Biology Hearing.
9 The future is now.
10 Animals and us.
Culture Animals as national symbols.
11 Off to school.
12 Getting around.
Maths Speed calculations.
13 Perfect or real?
14 Ready to cook.
Culture Advertising and you!
15 City and countryside.
16 Let’s film that!
Language Film reviews.
17 Getting the message.
18 We love the celebs!
Culture Fan culture and social media.
19 The world of work.
20 Making plans.
ICT Internet safety.
Exam profiles.
Review answer key.
Grammar reference answer key.
Workbook answer key and audioscripts.

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