Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 4, Chilton H., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 4, Chilton H., 2015.

   Prepare! is a lively new seven-level English course for teenagers. It takes learners from A1 to B2 and has comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation throughout. So whether you’re teaching general English or preparing students for an exam, Prepare! has a wealth of material to help you do both.
Produced and endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, using cutting edge language learning research from English Vocabulary Profi le and the Cambridge Learner Corpus, Prepare! is a course you can rely on and trust.
Prepare! is written by a team of writers with extensive experience and knowledge of secondary school students as well as in-depth knowledge of the Cambridge exams.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 4, Chilton H., 2015

In fashion.
Past simple.
Books closed. Introduce the past simple by saying what you did last weekend, e.g. ‘I went to the beach! Then ask Am I talking about now, the future or the past?’ (the past). Check how much students already know about the past simple by asking several students ‘What did you do after school yesterday?’

Tell students to call out some verbs. Write them on the board in columns, according to whether they are regular (e.g. walk) or irregular (e.g. go). Continue until you have ten verbs and then elicit their past forms. Ask students what they notice about the regular verbs in the past (they end in -ed). Explain that irregular verbs are spelled in different ways and they just have to learn them!

Introduction to Prepare!.
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
1 Personal profile.
2 In fashion.
Culture Homes around the world.
3 My way of life.
4 Champions.
PE Sports training.
5 Take a good look.
6 Modern life.
Culture Meeting and greeting.
7 Getting on.
8 Going away.
Geography Our world.
9 Shop till you drop.
10 Taste this!.
Culture What I eat.
11 A healthy future.
12 Incredible wildlife
Science Ecosystems.
13 Moods and feelings.
14 Watch it, read it.
Culture World cinema.
15 Digital life.
16 Wish me luck!.
Maths Units.
17 Skills and talents.
18 The world of work.
Culture Special training schools.
19 The written word.
20 Puzzles and tricks.
Biology The eye.
Review answer key.
Grammar reference.
Workbook answer key and audioscripts.

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