Prepare, Student’s book, Level 7, Styring J., Tims N., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 7, Styring J., Tims N., 2015.

Фрагмент из книги:
JACKSIЕ ЕVANCHO It was while watching the musical version of Phantom of the Opera on TV that Jackie Evancho found her passion for music. She started singing the songs around her home and revealed a surprisingly mature singing voice. Jackie started entering local singing contests and after seeing the reaction of audiences, her parents realised her potential.
From there, Jackie's life changed dramatically. Her mum started uploading Jackie's performances to the web to share with her ever-increasing numbers of fans. Jackie used the clips to enter an audition for the TV show, America's Got Talent and won a place on the show! Although she wasn't quite good enough to win the show -she finished in second place - it was an incredible achievement. Since the show, she's worked as a professional singer. She's released several albums, toured the US and even starred in a Hollywood thriller.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 7, Styring J., Tims N., 2015

Choose the correct words to make questions about the text. Then answer the questions.
1 What did the students in Tanzania sell in order to earn / pay off money?
2 How did the Nicaraguan students win / raise funds for their school?
3 What kind of enterprise should schools make / set up?
4 How can schools do / make a difference in their own communities?
5 What prizes can individual students gain / win for their hard work?

Answer the following questions with information from the text and your own ideas.
1 Why is it important for schools to complete both steps of the challenge?
2 In your opinion, which school project from the article is ...
a more academic? b more creative? c more challenging? d more important?
3 Why are the Three Ps important? Do you think one is more important than the others?
4 How do the two schools in the reading text meet the Three Ps? Which project is better?

1 Creative minds.
2 Addicted to fashion.
Culture Fashion design.
3 All in the mind.
4 Take a deep breath.
Biology The heart.
Review 1.
5 Past times.
6 Strong emotions.
Culture Colours around the world.
7 Telling stories.
8 A great place to live.
Literature Poetry.
Review 2.
9 Being positive.
10 Surprise!
Culture World music.
11 The family unit.
12 Making a difference.
ICT Crowdsourcing.
Review 3.
13 Leading the way.
14 Getting there.
Culture Cultural highways.
15 The bigger picture.
16 New and improved!
Geography Tourism.
Review 4.
17 Making headlines.
18 Start-up.
Culture Fair play.
19 Points of view.
20 Speak up.
Economics A school business.
Review 5.
Exam profiles.
Word profiles.
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.

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