Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 2, Heyderman E., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 2, Heyderman E., 2015.

Prepare! is a lively new seven-level English course for teenagers. It takes learners from A1 to B2 and has comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation throughout. So whether you’re teaching general English or preparing students for an exam, Prepare! has a wealth of material to help you do both.
Produced and endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, using cutting edge language learning research from English Vocabulary Profi le and the Cambridge Learner Corpus, Prepare! is a course you can rely on and trust.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 2, Heyderman E., 2015

Culture Festivals.
Put the world map on the board or on one of the classroom walls. Show the class the pictures of festivals (see Preparation above) and ask them What’s the connection between the pictures? (They’re festivals and celebrations from around the world.) Encourage the class to say what they remember about Pancake Day (Unit 2) and to tell you where to put the picture on the world map (on Britain). Then invite volunteers to describe what they can see in each of the other pictures and to try to put them in the correct place on the map.

Mixed ability.
With a mixed ability class, ask the students to read the text they didn’t read in Exercise 2 and complete the table for one festival only. Then, with a partner who read the other text, they share their answers and complete the information about the other festival.

Introduction to Prepare!
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
Get started!
1 Sports and games.
2 Tastes wonderful!
Culture Festivals.
3 Great sounds.
4 A true story.
Design and technology Logos.
5 Fantastic facts.
6 What a great job!
Culture Teens at work.
7 Going places.
8 Special places History The history of flight.
9 Clothes and fashion 10  Buying things Culture Hollywood.
11 Eating out.
12 The latest technology Maths Circles.
13 Healthy bodies.
14 In the town.
Culture Famous British people.
15 Weather and places.
16 Amazing animals.
Geography Tectonic plates and earthquakes.
17 What’s on?
18 Papers and magazines Culture An island in the sun.
19 School can be fun!.
20 Families.
Biology Animals and their habitats.
Review section answer key.
Grammar reference answer key.
Workbook answer key.

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