Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 1, Davies K., Holdsworth D., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 1, Davies K., Holdsworth D., 2015.

   The Teacher’s Book contains clear teaching notes on all of the Student’s Book tasks as well as keys and audioscripts. The audioscripts include underlined answers. The teacher’s books provide plenty of lesson ideas through warmers, coolers, extension ideas and projects, as well as ideas for fast fi nishers and mixed ability classes. Each unit also directs you to where additional resources can be found. Workbook answer keys and audioscripts are also included.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Levbel 1, Davies K., Holdsworth D., 2015

All about me.
New friends.
Extension activity.
Use the recording in Exercise 3 to point out that English speakers say each digit of a telephone number separately, which helps to avoid confusion between similar numbers, such as 13 and 30. Explain that in Standard UK English, the number 0 in a phone number is usually pronounced like the letter О, but it’s possible to hear speakers say zero.

For further number practice, tell the students that you are going to give them a phone number, and that you would like them to write it down. Invent a number that is at least 21 digits long, and say it to the class slowly, pausing after every three digits. When you have finished, ask the students to compare their numbers in pairs. Finally, write it on the board for the students to check. Ask the class if they think it’s a real number. (It’s probably too long to be real.)

Repeat the exercise with the students working in pairs or small groups. With a mixed ability class, vary the length of the number depending on the level of the students.

Introduction to Prepare!
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
In the classroom.
1 All about me.
2 Families.
Culture The United Kingdom.
3 My home.
4 My things.
Geography People and continents.
5 Yes, we can!
6 Party time!
Culture Holidays in the United States.
7 Feeling good.
8 Things we do Science Robots.
9 My day.
10 Information.
Culture The School of the Air.
11 He’s famous.
12 Working life Maths Coins and money.
13 Places.
14 Going out.
Culture Important places around the world.
15 Clothes.
16 Buy it!.
Music The orchestra.
17 Comparing.
18 The weather.
Culture Canada and the maple tree.
19 Going places.
20 A Russian tale.
Art Drawing and perspective.
Review section answer key.
Grammar reference answer key.
Workbook answer key.

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