Prepare, Corpus tasks, Level 2, 2015

Prepare, Corpus tasks, Level 2, 2015.

Фрагмент из книги:
Circle the right words in each sentence.
1 I watched a play / a game of baseball. I went with my grandfather.
2 I went to Paloma. It’s a nice place. I did / went sur ng and sailing.
3 We are going by car because the sports / sport centre is quite far, isn’t it?
4 I like football because always there are / there are always new players and new trainers. It’s the most popular game in the world.

Prepare, Corpus tasks, Level 2, 2015

Common mistakes.
Underline the right words in each sentence.
1 Every Friday we play a lot of song / songs together, listen to music and learn - / about music.
2 In Spain, meal / meals are very different - / from meals in England.
3 I love concerts. My prefer / favourite music is rock. I play the drums / battery.
4 Do you play / Are you playing tennis in the evening?
5 The music club that I go to is called “80’s nightlife”. It’s open on / at Saturdays. There you can dance, eat, drink and meet / make new friends.
6 Nick, I can’t come this week to the concert / to the concert this week because we are going on / to holiday.
7 I am free at / in the evening to come to a meeting about the concert.

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