Prepare, Student’s book, Level 2, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 2, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015.

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My names Kate and this is my family tree. My mother is English and my father is Polish. His name is Wiktor and all his family live in Poland, so I go there quite often. I know a bit of Polish but when people speak fast, I can t understand them! I stay with my grandparents, my Uncle Marek,his wife Kasia and my two cousins, Jana and Ludmila. Jana plays the piano really well and Ludmila is good at chess. She wins easily every time we play!

Prepare, Student's book, Levbel 2, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015

Read the fun facts again. Are the sentences right (✓) or wrong (X)?
1 Bananas are part of the national dish.
2 The film Cool Runnings is about Usain Bolt.
3 The giant swallowtail is a butterfly.
4 People on the island say ‘Out of many, one people’.
5 Bob Marley is an athlete.
6 The country sends a team to the Winter Olympics.

Discuss the questions.
1 What music is typical of your country?
2 What are the names of some musicians from your country?
3 What are the names of some sports people from your country?
4 What is your country famous for?
5 What do farmers grow in your country?
6 What wild animals are there?
7 What is your national dish?

Get started!
1 Sports and games.
2 Tastes wonderful!
Culture Festivals.
3 Great sounds.
4 A true story.
Design and technology Logos.
Review 1.
5 Fantastic facts.
6 What a great job!
Culture Teens at work.
7 Going places.
8 Special places History The history of flight.
Review 2.
9 Clothes and fashion.
10 Buying things Culture Hollywood.
11 Eating out.
12 The latest technology Maths Circles.
Review 3.
13 Healthy bodies.
14 In the town.
Culture Famous British people.
15 Weather and places.
16 Amazing animals.
Geography Tectonic plates and earthquakes.
Review 4.
17 What’s on?
18 Papers and magazines Culture An island in the sun.
19 School can be fun!
20 Families.
Biology Animals and their habitats.
Review 5.
Get talking!
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.
List of irregular verbs.

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