Prepare, Workbook, Level 1, Chapman C., 2015

Prepare, Workbook, Level 1, Chapman C., 2015.

   Development of this publication has made use of the Cambridge English Corpus, a multi-billion word collection of spoken and written English. It includes the Cambridge Learner Corpus, a unique collection of candidate exam answers. Cambridge University Press has built up the Cambridge English Corpus to provide evidence about language use that helps to produce better language teaching materials.

Prepare, Workbook, Levbel 1, Chapman C., 2015

The Ant and the Grasshopper.
The ant and the grasshopper lived in a park. It was summer and the grasshopper was sitting on a beautiful flower. 'What are you doing?' he asked the ant. 'Let's sing and dance! It's too hot to work!' But the ant didn't stop. 'It's summer now,' he answered, 'but I need to work because I want to find food for the long, cold winter.' The young grasshopper didn't listen. He didn't want to work, he wanted to dance. He walked in the park and he played with his friends. It was summer and he was happy!

The ant worked. He didn't stop all summer. He didn't want to play. He wanted to finish his house before the winter! One day, it started to snow but the ant wasn't cold! He lived in his small house and he was happy. There was a lot of food in his kitchen and sometimes he danced and listened to music!

The grasshopper didn't live in a house. He lived below an old tree and he was hungry! He didn't walk around the park because it was too cold and he didn't like winter!

In the classroom.
1 All about me.
2 Families.
3 My home.
4 My things.
5 Yes, we can!.
6 Party time!.
7 Feeling good.
8 Things we do.
9 My day.
10 Information.
11 He’s famous.
12 Working life.
13 Places.
14 Going out.
15 Clothes.
16 Buy it!.
17 Comparing.
18 The weather.
19 Going places.
20 A Russian tale.

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