Complete Key for Schools, Teacher’s Book, Heyderman E., 2015

Complete Key for Schools, Teacher's Book, Heyderman E., 2015.

   Complete Key for Schools is a stimulating and thorough preparation course for students who wish to take the Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools. It teaches you the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills which are necessary for the exam, as well as essential grammar and vocabulary. For those who are not planning to take the exam in the near future, the book provides skills and language highly relevant to an elementary level of English (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level A2).

Complete Key for Schools, Teacher's Book, Heyderman E., 2015

I’m hungry!
Starting off.
As a warmer Revise the letters of the alphabet. Then beginning with ‘A’, challenge the class to name a type of food beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Introduce the theme of this section, healthy diets, and ask the students to consider whether they eat well.

Invite the students to say how the food has been organised and why before they begin identifying the food; this is a healthy eating plate and it shows what we should eat more or less of. Encourage the students to ask for the names of the food they don't know by using the question ‘How do you say ... in English?'.

Key for Schools content and overview.
1. What’s your name?.
Photocopiable activity: Nice to meet you!.
Word list: Unit I.
2. Are you coming to the party?.
Photocopiable activity: What is it?.
Word list: Unit 2.
Progress test Units 1-2.
3. Pm hungry!.
Photocopiable activity: What’s in. your fridge?.
Word list: Unit 3.
4. You look great!.
Photocopiable activity: I'd like some information, please!.
Word list: Unit 4. 38
Progress test Units 3-4.
5. She’s the winner. 40
Photocopiable activity: Sports day.
Word list: Unit 5.
С I have to do my homework.
Photocopiable activity: My perfect school.
Word list: Unit 6.
Progress test Units 5-6.
7. Let’s go to the mountains.
Photocopiable activity: I had a great holiday.
Word list: Unit 7.
8. You have one new message.
Photocopiable activity: Spot the difference!.
Word list: Unit 8.
Progress test Units 7-8.
9. Let’s have some fun!.
Photocopiable activity: Can I ask you a question?.
Word list: Unit 9.
10. What a sunny day!.
Photocopiable activity: Are you going to ...?.
Word list: Unit 10.
Progress test Units 9-10.
11. I’ve got a cold.
Photocopiable activity: What will you do if it rains?.
Word list: Unit 11.
12. Has he been on holiday?.
Photocopiable activity: Have you ever...?.
Word list: Unit 12.
Progress test Units 11-12.
13. She might be a vet.
Photocopiable activity: Making new friends.
Word list: Unit 13.
14. Can you repeat that please?.
Photocopiable activity: How much do you know?.
Word list: Unit 14.
Progress test Units 13-14.
Progress tests: Answer key.
Grammar reference: Answer key.
Vocabulary and grammar review: Answer key.
Guided exam: Answer key.
Guided exam: Recording script.
Practice test.
Practice test: Answer key.
Practice test: Recording script.

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