Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 5, McDonald A., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 5, McDonald A., 2015.

   Prepare! is a lively new seven-level English course for teenagers. It takes learners from A1 to B2 and has comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation throughout. So whether you’re teaching general English or preparing students for an exam, Prepare! has a wealth of material to help you do both.
Produced and endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, using cutting edge language learning research from English Vocabulary Profi le and the Cambridge Learner Corpus, Prepare! is a course you can rely on and trust.
Prepare! is written by a team of writers with extensive experience and knowledge of secondary school students as well as in-depth knowledge of the Cambridge exams.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 5, McDonald A., 2015

Going shopping.
Tell students they are going to write a questionnaire to find out about younger and older people’s opinions on teenagers being allowed unsupervised in shopping malls. Brainstorm some possible questions on the board before asking students to write six questions.

For example Where do you go on a Saturday afternoon? How old should people be to go shopping on their own? To recycle determiners, encourage them to include some of these phrases: many stores, a lot of teenagers, much fun, no teens, several shops. Put students into pairs to ask and answer their questions and allow them to revise their questions if they want to. Tell them to survey two younger people and two older people and to write up their findings in a short paragraph. Students can present their findings in the following class, using PowerPoint if they have access to it.

Introduction to Prepare!.
Component line up.
Student’s Book overview.
Student’s Book contents.
1 Going shopping.
2 Friends forever.
Culture Shopping around the world.
3 Fun and games.
4 From fire to snow.
Geography Glaciers.
5 You made it!.
6 Take good care of yourself.
Culture National sports.
7 Sound checks.
8 Amazing architecture.
Biology Hearing.
9 The future is now.
10 Animals and us.
Culture Animals as national symbols.
11 Off to school.
12 Getting around.
Maths Speed calculations.
13 Perfect or real?.
14 Ready to cook.
Culture Advertising and you!.
15 City and countryside.
16 Let’s film that!.
Language Film reviews.
17 Getting the message.
18 We love the celebs!.
Culture Fan culture and social media.
19 The world of work.
20 Making plans.
ICT Internet safety.
Exam profiles.
Review answer key.
Grammar reference answer key.
Workbook answer key and audioscripts.

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