Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 7, Rogers L., 2015

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 7, Rogers L., 2015.

The English Vocabulary Profile (EVP) is an online resource providing detailed information about the words, phrases, phrasal verbs and idioms that learners of English know and use at each of the six levels of the CEFR. The vocabulary syllabus of Prepare! has been informed by using EVP to ensure that students at each CEFR level are presented with high-frequency words and phrases that are suitable for their language level and relevant to each unit topic. Many of the most common words in English have a great number of different meanings and a thorough knowledge of these words helps students to operate successfully even with limited language. The special Word profile feature in Levels 4-7 deals with these powerful words in detail. Furthermore, the main vocabulary sections regularly focus on aspects other than ‘concrete’ topic nouns and verbs, such as adjectives and adverbs, prepositions, phrasal verbs, word families and phrases. All of these aspects are important if the syllabus is to provide true breadth and depth.

Prepare, Teachers Book, Level 7, Rogers L., 2015

Take a deep breath.
1 Books closed. Write Stress is for adults, not people my age on the board. Elicit responses from the class. Then give students a few minutes to read the rest of the headings and think about their answers. They should then compare their ideas with a partner. Ask for one or two volunteers to share their answers with the class.
Fast finishers.

Ask fast finishers to write one or two more sentences that show their feelings about stress, and to compare these with their partner.

2 Read out the first bold sentence and ask: What do you think the topic of the next paragraph will be? Elicit answers, then ask students to choose the heading that matches their ideas. Tell them to read the next paragraph to see if it fits. Students then complete the exercise individually. They can check answers with a partner before whole-class feedback.

Introduction to Prepare!
Component line up.
Student's Book overview.
Student's Book contents.
1 Creative minds.
2 Addicted to fashion.
Culture Fashion design.
3 All in the mind.
4 Take a deep breath.
Biology The heart.
5 Past times.
6 Strong emotions.
Culture Colours around the world.
7 Telling stories.
8 A great place to live.
Literature Poetry.
9 Being positive.
10 Surprise!
Culture World music.
11 The family unit.
12 Making a difference.
ICT Crowdsourcing.
13 Leading the way.
14 Getting there.
Culture Cultural highways.
15 The bigger picture.
16 New and improved!
Geography Tourism.
17 Making headlines.
18 Start-up.
Culture Fair play.
19 Points of view.
20 Speak up.
Economics A school business.
Exam profiles.
Review answer key.
Grammar reference answer key.
Workbook answer key and audioscripts.

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