Cambridge English, Key for Schools 2, With answers, 2012

Cambridge English, Key for Schools 2, With answers, 2012.

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Children’s Voice began in 2000 as a magazine written by children. It was the idea of a New
York businessman called Sam Harris. He thought that people should listen to what children had to say. Harris soon found that adult newspapers were interested in the children’s writing. He decided to close the magazine and started selling the children’s news stories to adult newspapers.

Cambridge English, Key for Schools 2, With answers, 2012

Clеvеr childreп.
There аrе Some special children, who are called child prodigies. They are unusually clever. They сап, for example, write music оr рlау chess at а vеrу young age. No-one knows why they аrе so сlечеr. Тhеrе is nothing unusual about their parents оr their families.

Sometimes, a child prodigy is good at more than one or two things. Francesca Contini looks like any other young teenager, but at 13, she’s already started doing medicine at university. Francesca and her two older brothers are also excellent musicians and they have all played at concert halls in New York where they live. Their parents work in a supermarket. They have never been interested in music and they are very surprised by their children.

Twelve-year-old Peter Lee is already an excellent piano player. He is very bored at school, so in the evenings he teaches himself mathematics and science from books for university students. When he was five, he got first prize in a piano competition tor children up to 18. At 10, Peter made his first CD. On it, he played many different kinds of music.

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