Prepare, Student’s book, Level 1, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015

Prepare, Student's book, Level 1, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015.

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When we look at the world, we see everything in three dimensions. So. things that are further away from us look smaller than they are. Lines also look like they get closer together as they reach the horizon. This is called perspective.

Prepare, Student's book, Levbel 1, Kosta J., Williams M., 2015

Making maple syrup.
Maple syrup comes from the sap of the maple tree. Sap is the liquid inside the tree. At the end of winter, people put taps into the maple trees. They put more taps into bigger, older trees. The sap runs out of the taps into buckets. People empty the buckets every evening. After about four weeks, people take the taps out of the trees. Each tap produces about forty-five litres of sap in a year. The taps do not hurt the trees and maple trees can live for about thirty years. People boil the sap to make maple syrup. They boil it for a long time. You need forty litres of maple sap to make one litre of maple syrup!

In the classroom.
1 All about me.
2 Families.
Culture The United Kingdom.
3 My home.
4 My things.
Geography People and continents.
Review 1.
5 Yes, we can!.
6 Party time!.
Culture Holidays in the United States.
7 Feeling good.
8 Things we do Science Robots.
Review 2.
9 My day.
10 Information.
Culture The School of the Air.
11 He’s famous.
12 Working life Maths Coins and money.
Review 3.
13 Places.
14 Going out.
Culture Important places around the world.
15 Clothes.
16 Buy it!.
Music The orchestra.
Review 4.
17 Comparing.
18 The weather.
Culture Canada and the maple tree.
19 Going places.
20 A Russian tale.
Art Drawing and perspective.
Review 5.
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference.

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