Prepare, Student’s book, Level 3, Kosta J., Williams M.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 3, Kosta J., Williams M.

   Prepare Second Edition levels 2 & 3 combine teen-appealtopics with extensive preparation for the revised 2020 A2 Key for Schools exam.
• Enjoy interactive, personalised lessons with themes and resources relevant to school-aged learners
• Relax knowing Prepare’s unique Exam Journey drives students to exam success
• Create confident English users with our enhanced vocabulary and grammar syllabus
• Inspire learners to expand their horizons and knowledge exploring Prepare’s Life Skills and Culture sections
• Support and extend learning through the new collection of online resources.

Prepare, Student's book, Level 3, Kosta J., Williams M.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
Adjectives of personality
1 Read the poster and look at the photos.
Then, in pairs, answer the questions with a partner.
1 What is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?
2 What kind of activities do students do for the award?
3 Can you do an award like this at your school?
4 If not, would you like to do one?

2 Read the students’ emails on page 11 and answer the questions with Daniel or Grace.
1 Who plays two instruments?
2 Who is happy with a piece of work they’re doing?
3 Who is preparing a surprise for another person?
4 Who is teaching another person how to do something?

1 It's a challenge!
2 Our changing planet.
CULTURE National parks.
3 On holiday.
4 My place.
LIFE SKILLS Critical thinking: Accepting other people’s opinions .
5 School.
6 Favourite things.
CULTURE Secondary school in the UK.
7 Adventure holidays.
8 Life in the future.
LIFE SKILLS Communication: Having a good conversation.
9 Sports, games and activities.
10 Useful websites CULTURE The beautiful game.
11 City living.
12 Films.
LIFE SKILLS Creativity and innovation: Brainstorming.
13 Life experiences.
14 Spending money CULTURE Shopping and money.
15 Free time.
16 Languages of the world.
LIFE SKILLS Learning to learn: Effective learning.
17 Staying healthy.
18 From cover to cover CULTURE English literature.
19 Different ingredients.
20 Life changes.
LIFE SKILLS Study skills: Taking exams.
Prepare for the exam.
Extra activities.
Vocabulary list.
Grammar reference and practice.
Irregular verb list.

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