Project 5, Workbook, Fourth edition, Hutchinson T.

Project 5, Workbook, Fourth edition, Hutchinson T.

   Project fourth edition uses the proven methodology of Project in a new engaging format.
This new refreshed edition of the best-selling Project course will inspire your students, with redesigned cartoons, new compelling exercises and a flexible innovative digital package.

Project 5, Workbook, Fourth edition, Hutchinson T.

Harvard and Yale.
Harvard, which is now the richest university in the world, was founded in 1636 in Cambridge, in the state of Massachusetts.

It's named after John Harvard, an English settler who left all his books and half of his money to the new college. Yale is in New I haven in the state of Connecticut. Its also named after someone who left books and money to the college - Elihu Yale, a merchant from Boston, Massachusetts. Yale was founded in 1701.

Both universities were for men only until the end of the nineteenth century, when separate colleges for women were built. Since the 1970s, both universities have been mixed.

Many famous people have studied at Harvard and Yale. Eight US presidents were students at Harvard. These include John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama. Over 140 Nobel Prize winners have studied or worked there. Today, Harvard is also famous as the place where the social network site, Facebook, was started by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a student there.

Five US presidents, including George H.W Bush and Bill Clinton, studied at Yale, and it has produced 49 Nobel Prize winners. The actress, Meryl Streep, also studied there. Yales Law School is the most difficult to get into. It has produced 19 judges of the US Supreme Court. It is generally believed that the game of Frisbee was invented by Yale students.

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