Project 5, Student’s book, Hutchinson T.

Project 5, Student's book, Fourth edition, Hutchinson T.

   Inspiring the next generation. Project fourth edition uses the proven methodology of Project in a new engaging format.
This new refreshed edition of the best-selling Project course will inspire your students, with redesigned cartoons, new compelling exercises and a flexible innovative digital package.

Project 5, Student's book, Fourth edition, Hutchinson T.

The Mermaid.
Zennor is a small village on Cornwall’s rocky northern coast. Long ago, a handsome young man called Matthew lived there. Like most of the local men, he was a fisherman. It was a hard and dangerous job. At the end of each day, the villagers walked to their little old church to pray for good weather and good fishing the next day. The people sang, too, and everyone agreed that Matthew had the most beautiful voice in the world.

The church was very close to the shore, and out in the cold, dark sea someone else heard Matthew singing. Her name was Morveren, but she wasn’t one of the villagers. She was a mermaid, the daughter of Llyr, King of the Ocean. 'What is that beautiful sound?’ she wondered, as she sat upon a rock and combed her long blonde hair. Every' night after that, she came a little closer to the shore and listened.

One night, when she returned to her home at the bottom of the sea, she asked her father if she could go and see who the singer with the wonderful voice was. Llyr replied that it was too dangerous for a mermaid to go onto the land, but Morveren refused to listen. She asked again and again. So finally the old king agreed. He gave her a net to cover her hair and a long dress to hide her fishtail. The dress was decorated with shells and jewels from the bottom of the ocean.

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