Project english 2, Student’s book, Hutchinson T.

Project english 2, Student's book, Hutchinson T.

  Project English 2 is the second stage of a three-year beginner’s course in English for young learners.
Its key features are:
A grammar-based, analytical approach. As in Project English 1, grammar is treated as a problemsolving activity, and the pupils are treated as thinkers who are guided to work out the rules of grammar for themselves. From Year 2 onwards the functional elements of language are also emphasized.
Project work. In Project English 2, pupils produce 8 issues of their own topic-based magazine. Through this project work, pupils
are given the opportunity to talk and write about their own lives, and to relate language to their experiences.

Project english 2, Student's book, Hutchinson T.

Wheels of Fortune.
Do you watch 'Wheels of Fortune’ on the TV? It’s very exciting. Last Saturday my sister was on the programme.

PJ Prince Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, PJ Prince here with 'Wheels of Fortune’. On the first wheel we have eight names and on the second wheel there are eight things to do Who will our winner be this week? Let's spin the first Wheel of Fortune.

And our fortune winner this week is Tracy O’Gee.

What will she have to do? Will she have to fly a helicopter or will she have to train some circus tigers? Let’s spin the second Wheel of Fortune.

The wheel has stopped and the arrow is pointing to Death Ride. Well, Tracy won’t have to fly a helicopter. But what will she have to do on next week’s programme? Let’s phone Tracy now.

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