Project english 1, Student’s book, Hutchinson T.

Project english 1, Student's book, Hutchinson T.

  Project English is a beginner’s course in English for young learners.
Its key features are:
A grammar based, analytical approach. Grammar is treated as a problem-solving activity, and the pupils are treated as thinkers who are guided to work out the rules of grammar for themselves.
Project work. Through project work, pupils are given the opportunity to talk and write about their own life, and to relate language to their experience.

Project english 1, Student's book, Hutchinson T.

Mandy Ooh. The Colossal Oranges. They’re great. Come on, Jane.
At the ticket office
Mandy Two, please.
Man £2.25, £3.45 or £4.75?
Mandy £2.25, please.
Man That’s £4.50.
Jane Ooh look, Mandy. Badges and posters.
Mandy Oh yes. How much are these badges?
Man They’re 93p each.
Mandy 93p for one badge. That’s expensive.
Jane Come on, Mandy. Hurry up. Mandy OK. Can I have two badges please?
Man Right. That’s £4.50 for the tickets and £1.86 for the badges. That’s £6.36 altogether.
Mandy Here you are.
Man Right. That’s seventy ... no sixty-four p change. Thank you. Mandy Thank you. Come on, Jane. Here’s your badge and ticket.

This is a counting game. Count in your group. But when you can divide the number by 5 you say fizz, and when you can divide it by 7, you say buzz.

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