Prepare, Workbook, Level 5, Chilton H.

Prepare, Workbook, Level 5, Chilton H.

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It was Sara’s birthday and she woke up early to see that her phone had been busy through the night! Lots of friends had sent her birthday wishes. As she went downstairs, she heard Mum and Dad talking softly to each other and then she saw a huge box in front of them. Dad looked at her and said ‘Happy Birthday Sara. Here’s your present.’ She had no idea what it was. ‘It must be something big,’ she thought! She opened each layer of paper and there was another box, and then another and another. Finally, she reached the bottom - and there was an envelope with a stamp on it. It was from her grandmother in Australia.
As she opened it she saw the words ‘London-Sydney’ - it was a plane ticket! She couldn’t believe it! She was going to visit her grandmother in Sydney! Mum told her the story of how they had planned the surprise in secret. It was the best present ever. They took a photo of Sara smiling with her ticket and sent it to Grandma immediately.

Prepare, Workbook, Level 5, Chilton H.

Choose the correct answer.
1 My grandfather dreamt / chose of being an airline pilot.
2 I encourage / aim to go to university and study history.
3 Who do you think has achieved / admired more -the inventors of Google or Facebook?
4 Michelle admired / imagined Steve for his amazing guitar-playing skills.
5 This boy at school has achieved / encouraged me to join the basketball team practice on Fridays.
6 We told our teacher that we had kept on / tried our best at the athletics competition.
7 Next year we have to choose / aim which subjects to do for the exams.
8 Older people can’t aim / imagine how hard we have to study these days.

Look at the sentences below. Read the article and decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. Write C for correct and I for incorrect.
1 Adam was not keen on doing jobs on the farm.
2 Adam’s best friend had a dog that Adam used to take for walks.
3 Adam thought of the idea for his business when he helped someone who lived nearby.
4 Adam was unable to start his business while he lived on the farm.
5 Adam found it easy to run his business at first.
6 Ellie was notable to follow one of her dreams.
7 Ellie and Adam run similar kinds of business.
8 Both Adam and Ellie were helped by their families.
9 Ellie felt excited about teaching young children at first.
10 Both Adam’s and Ellie’s businesses are now going well.

1. Going shopping.
2. Best friends forever.
3. Fun and games.
4. Extreme weather.
5. You made it!.
6. Take care of yourself.
7. Sound check.
8. Amazing architecture.
9. The future is now.
10. Animals in danger.
11. Off to school.
12. Getting around.
13. #NoFilter.
14. Let’s cook!.
15. City or country?.
16. Lights, camera, action!.
17. Getting the message.
18. We love celebs!.
19. The world of work.
20. Making plans.

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