Prepare, Level 3, Workbook

Prepare, Level 3, Workbook.

   Prepare Second Edition levels 2 & 3 combine teen-appeal topics with extensive preparation for the revised 2020 A2 Key for Schools exam.
• Enjoy interactive, personalised lessons with themes and resources relevant to school-aged learners
• Relax knowing Prepare’s unique Exam Journey drives students to exam success
• Create confident English users with our enhanced vocabulary and grammar syllabus
• Inspire learners to expand their horizons and knowledge exploring Prepare’s Life Skills and Culture sections
• Support and extend learning through the new collection of online resources

Prepare, Level 3, Workbook

Choose the correct phrases to complete the sentences.
1 When you drop something, you pick it up / take it back.
2 When you want to learn about something, you take out / find out about it.
3 When you’re unhappy with something you’ve bought, you put it back / take it back.
4 When you go to another country, you might bring back /give back presents for your family.
5 When you are in a cafe, waiters put the food dov/n / take the food out on your table.

Write sentences in the first conditional.
1 If / I not finish my project / I not come to / the cinema with you
2 We / get fitter /if/ we do more exercise / each week
3 She / learn Portuguese /if/ she move to Brazil
4 They / be late for the dentist /if/ they not leave now
5 If / we not win / the match on Saturday / we be very upset
6 If / he work hard / he pass his Russian exam.

1. It’s a challenge!
2. Our changing planet.
3. On holiday.
4. My place.
5. School.
6. Favourite things.
7. Adventure holidays.
8. Life in the future.
9. Sports, games and activities.
10. Useful websites.
11. City living.
12. Films.
13. Life experiences.
14. Spending money.
15. Free time.
16. Languages of the world.
17. Staying healthy.
18. From cover to cover.
19. Different ingredients.
20. Life changes.

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