World quest 2, Student s book, Pye D., Shipton P.

World quest 2, Student's book, Pye D., Shipton P.

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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year in November. It's always on the fourth Thursday so I don’t have to go to school. That’s cool! My family usually spends Thanksgiving Day at my grandparents' house in the country. It’s the only day of the year when all our family is together. My cousins from California come too.

World quest 2, Student's book, Pye D., Shipton P.

The Ideal Palase.
Ferdinand Cheval was a French postman who spent thirty-three years of his life creating a dream. I Ic built an extraordinary fantasy castle which he called the Ideal Palace. This amazing building is full of strange statues of animals and monsters, churches and temples, and fountains and towers.

Cheval was bom in 1836 and he left school when he was thirteen. He lived in a small town in the south-east of France where he was a postman. Every day he walked thirty-two kilometres around the countryside to deliver letters to people’s homes. When he was walking, Cheval used to dream of kings and queens and fantastic palaces.

One day in 1879, he was walking in the hot sun when he saw a pretty stone on the ground. He picked the stone up and took it home. It was this small event that changed his life. The next day he returned to the same place and found many more beautiful stones which he also took home. That day he decided to build the palace of his dreams. From that day on, Cheval collected stones. At first, he carried the stones in his pocket. After that, he took a basket with him. Finally, he put the stones by the side of the road and went to get them with a wheelbarrow after work.

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