Solutions, Advanced Student’s Book, Falla T., Davies P.A., 2013

Solutions, Advanced Student's Book, Falla T., Davies P.A., 2013.

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Spirituals are religious folk songs that were created by black slaves in the USA in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The slaves were converted to Christianity, and the songs were an expression of their religious faith and also communicated the hardship and suffering they endured. Black gospel music has its roots in spiritual music, originating in churches in northern cities in the 1920s. It has survived as the most important music in churches with predominantly black congregations.

Solutions, Advanced Student's Book, Falla T., Davies P.A., 2013

The earliest European settlers in North America established colonies on the east coast, where they had landed. But as the population increased, many felt the urge to move westwards in search of new lands and a new life. The vast expanses of the continent were largely unpopulated, except for scattered tribes of indigenous Indians. Those who headed west were called pioneers, and they travelled in lines of wagons for up to six months in order to reach California or Oregon on the west coast.

The pioneers faced many dangers on their journey. Some Indians were hostile, although not as blood-thirsty as Hollywood films tend to suggest. Injury and illness were far more likely causes of death. Crossing rivers was perilous, as were storms and wild animals, and since distances between watering holes could be great, they were always at risk of running out.

Given the hazardous nature of the journey, why did so many Americans choose to make it? Partly, they were tempted by exaggerated descriptions of how wonderful life could be in the west; many had heard tales of crops growing taller than a man. But they were also escaping very real hardships in the MidWest. where the swamps of Missouri and Mississippi were infested with disease-carrying insects.

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