Software Etudes in the Mathematica, Aladjev V., Shishakov M., 2017

Software Etudes in the Mathematica, Aladjev V., Shishakov M., 2017.

Systems of computer mathematics find more and more broad application in a number of natural, economical and social fields. These systems are rather important tools for scientists, teachers, researchers and engineers, very well combining symbolical methods with advanced computing methods. One of leaders among tools of this class undoubtedly is the Mathematica system. The book focuses on a important aspect – modular programming supported by Mathematica. The given aspect is of particular importance not only for appendices but also above all it is quite important in the creation of the user tools that expand the most frequently used standard tools of the system and/or eliminate its shortcomings, or complement the new facilities.

Software Etudes in the Mathematica, Aladjev V., Shishakov M., 2017

Means of processing of expressions at the level of their components.
Means of this group provide quite effective differentiated processing of expressions. The combined symbolical
architecture of the Mathematica gives a possibility of direct generalization of the element–oriented list operations onto arbitrary expressions, supporting operations both on separate terms, and on sets of terms at the given levels in trees of the expressions. Without going into details into all tools supporting work with components of expressions, we will give only the main from them that have been complemented by our means. Whereas with more detailed description of standard means of this group, including admissible formats of coding, it is possible to get acquainted or in the Help, or in the corresponding literature on Mathematica system, for example, in works [50-52,60,66,71].

Chapter 1.Additional tools in interactive mode of the Mathematica.
Chapter 2.Additional tools of processing of expressions in the Mathematica software.
Chapter 3.Additional tools of processing of symbols and strings in the Mathematica.
Chapter 4.Additional tools of processing of sequences and lists in the Mathematica.
Chapter 5.The additional tools expanding the standard Mathematica functions, or its software as a whole.
Chapter 6.Problems of procedural programming in the Mathematica.
Chapter 7.Software for input–output in the Mathematica system.
Chapter 8.The manipulations organization with the user packages in the Mathematica.

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