Solutions Intermediate, Workbook, Falla T., Davies P.A., 2017

Solutions Intermediate, Workbook, Falla T., Davies P.A., 2017.

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The Kardashians are currently one of the USA's most well-known families. They are often in the news, and Americans follow their lives in the papers and celebrity magazines. The Kardashians are reality TV stars, with their own family show called Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Solutions Intermediate, Workbook, Falla T., Davies P.A., 2017

Exam Skills Trainer.
Read three texts. Circle the correct answer (A-D).
For some reason, I was never thrilled by the hobbies my family and friends attempted to interest me in. When I was younger, my mum and sisters tried to get me into scrapbooking, but I failed to see the point. My friends' passion for skateboarding and martial arts like karate didn't catch my interest either. My dad tried to get me involved in his hobby, model planes, but I didn't have the patience for it. Then my mum and I started chatting with a neighbour who grew rare plants. One tour of her greenhouse, and I was hooked. Of course my friends were very surprised - and still are - but I am sure that plants will be a lifelong passion.

1 The writer suggests that
A his friends don’t understand his hobby.
В he and his mother share the same interests.
C he used to be interested in skateboarding.
D he is keen on making things at home.

Hobby-related holidays are on the way to becoming one of the most lucrative forms of tourism, and younger people are definitely joining in. Of course, sports-related camps have been a huge part of tourism for ages, but what if you're someone with little interest in tennis or basketball? A good option for you might be a two-week photography tour - with stunning scenery, ancient buildings and sometimes even underwater photography. Alternatively, if you are interested in nature, you can spend two weeks in an exotic location helping to identify rare plants and animals - while soaking up some sun and meeting like-minded people.

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