Objective Proficiency, Teacher s Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2013

Objective Proficiency, Teacher's Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2013.

   Cambridge English: Profi ciency, also known as Certifi cate of Profi ciency in English (CPE) consists of four papers, each of which carries 25% of the total marks. It is not necessary to pass all four papers in order to pass the examination. If you achieve a grade A, B or C in the examination, you will receive the Cambridge English:
Profi ciency certifi cate at Level C2. If your performance is below Level C2, but falls within Level C1, then you will receive a Cambridge English certifi cate stating that you have demonstrated ability at C1 level.
As well as being told your grade, you will also be given a Statement of Results – a graphical profi le of your performance, i.e. it will show whether you have done especially well or badly on some of the papers.

Objective Proficiency, Teacher's Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2013

Strange behaviour.
Topic Human and animal behaviour.
Recording script.
Sue: Good morning. Now, the huge growth of interest in environmental issues has led to a careful re-examination of all kinds of traditional lore. With me today, I have Peter Watkins. He’s written a bestselling book The History of Weather Folklore, which explains country sayings and the role of animals and birds in forecasting the weather. Sayings my granny used to come out with, like Birds flying low, expect rain and a blow, which I’ve always felt rather sceptical about.

Peter: Well, Sue, the way in which animals and birds can apparently predict changes in the weather before we can has always fascinated people and, for that matter, still does. If it didn’t, the sayings wouldn’t still be in current use, and of course, nowadays the weather is anxiously studied because of climate change.

Map of Student’s Book.
Content of Cambridge English: Profi ciency.
Introduction to the Second Edition.
Unit 1.
Ring the changes.
Exam folder 1.
Unit 2.
Writing folder 1.
Unit 3.
Strange behaviour.
Exam folder 2.
Unit 4.
Sweet rituals.
Writing folder 2.
Units 1–4 Revision.
Unit 5.
The consumer society.
Exam folder 3.
Unit 6.
The sound of music.
Writing folder 3.
Unit 7.
Before your very eyes.
Exam folder 4.
Unit 8.
Urban jungle.
Writing folder 4.
Units 5–8 Revision.
Unit 9.
Fitting in.
Exam folder 5.
Unit 10.
Writing folder 5.
Unit 11.
For better, for worse.
Exam folder 6.
Unit 12.
At the cutting edge.
Writing folder 6.
Units 9–12 Revision.
Unit 13.
Save the planet.
Exam folder 7.
Unit 14.
Get fi t, live longer!.
Writing folder 7.
Unit 15.
The daily grind.
Exam folder 8.
Unit 16.
Hidden nuances.
Writing folder 8.
Units 13–16 Revision.
Unit 17.
Defi ning happiness.
Exam folder 9.
Unit 18.
On freedom.
Writing folder 9.
Unit 19.
The unexplained.
Exam folder 10.
Unit 20.
A sense of humour.
Writing folder 10.
Units 17–20 Revision.
Photocopiable recording scripts.
Sample answer sheets.

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