Objective Proficiency, Student’s Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2013

Objective Proficiency, Student's Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2013.

   Cambridge English: Proficiency, also known as Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) consists of four papers. The Reading and Use of English paper carries 40% of the marks while the Writing, Listening and Speaking papers each carry 20% of the marks. It is not necessary to pass all four papers in order to pass the examination. If you achieve a grade A, В or C in the examination, you will receive the Cambridge English: Proficiency certificate at Level C2. If your performance is below Level C2, but falls within Level Cl, then you will receive a Cambridge English certificate stating that you have demonstrated ability at Cl level.

Objective Proficiency, Student's Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2013

Advertising and young people.
Its been estimated that young people today shell out nearly £50 a week on clothing, entertainment, and fast food. And that’s not all. Its now beginning to dawn on advertisers that, through nagging power, young people not only influence the purchases of the goods and services that appeal to them, but they also influence many of the purchases in the entire household, even down to the family car. This is an advertisers dream. People, especially in the 13-19 age group, buy on impulse. They are less likely than others to weigh up price differences or get recommendations. They buy based on what their friends are buying, what will make them more popular with their peer group, or what a celebrity they are into says they need.

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