Introducing Python, Modern Computing in Simple Packages, Lubanovic B., 2015

Introducing Python, Modern Computing in Simple Packages, Lubanovic B., 2015.

   This book will introduce you to the Python programming language. Its aimed at beginning programmers, but even if you’ve written programs before and just want to add Python to your list of languages, Introducing Python will get you started.
It's an unhurried introduction, taking small steps from the basics to more involved and varied topics. I mix cookbook and tutorial styles to explain new terms and ideas, but not too many at once. Real Python code is included early and often.

Introducing Python, Modern Computing in Simple Packages, Lubanovic B., 2015

Python versus Language X.
How does Python compare against other languages? Where and when would you choose one over the other? In this section, I’ll show code samples from other languages, just so you can see what the competition looks like. You are not expected to understand these if you haven’t worked with them. (By the time you get to the final Python sample, you might be relieved that you haven’t had to work with some of the others.) If you’re only interested in Python, you won’t miss anything if you just skip to the next section.

Each program is supposed to print a number and say a little about the language.
If you use a terminal or terminal window, the program that reads what you type, runs it, and displays the results is called the shell program. The Windows shell is called end; it runs batch files with the suffix .bat. Linux and other Unix-like systems (including Mac OS X) have many shell programs, the most popular is called bash or sh. The shell has simple abilities, such as simple logic and expanding wildcard symbols such as * into filenames. You can save commands in tiles called shell scripts and run them later. These might be the first programs you encountered as a programmer. The problem is that shell scripts don’t scale well beyond a few hundred lines, and they are much slower than the alternative languages.

1. A Taste of Py.
2. Py Ingredients: Numbers, Strings, and Variables.
3. Py Filling: Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, and Sets.
4. Py Crust: Code Structures.
5. Py Boxes: Modules, Packages, and Programs.
6. Oh Oh: Objects and Classes.
7. Mangle Data Like a Pro.
8. Data Has to Go Somewhere.
9. The Web, Untangled.
10. Systems.
11. Concurrency and Networks.
12. Be a Pythonista.
A. Py Art.
B. Py at Work.
C. Py Sci.
D. Install Python 3.
E. Answers to Exercises.
F. Cheat Sheets.

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