Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, Minnick C., Holland E., 2015

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Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, Minnick C., Holland E., 2015.

   This book is a friendly and approachable guide to getting started with writing JavaScript code. As programming languages go, JavaScript is fairly easy to pick up and start using. Because it’s so accessible, many people who started as web page authors have found themselves in the position of being responsible for maintaining, modifying, and writing JavaScript code. If that describes you, this book will quickly and easily bring you up to speed.
Whether you know a little JavaScript or you’ve never seen it, this book shows you how to write JavaScript the right way.

Coding with JavaScript For Dummies, Minnick C., Holland E., 2015

Commenting your code.
As you learn more JavaScript commands and start to write larger programs, it’s often helpful to be able to leave yourself little reminders of what you were thinking or what certain things do. In programmer-speak, we call these tiny notes to ourselves (or to anyone else who may work with your code) comments. We call the process of writing these notes commenting.

The JavaScript engine completely ignores comments. They are there Just for people. This is your time to explain things, clarify things, describe your thinking, or even leave reminders to yourself about things you want to do in the future.

It is always a good idea to comment your code. Even if you think that your code is pretty self-explanatory at the time that you write it, we guarantee that you won’t think that eight months down the road when you need to modify it.

Part I: Getting Started with JavaScript.
Chapter 1: The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language.
Chapter 2: Writing Your First JavaScript Program.
Chapter 3: Working with Variables.
Chapter 4: Understanding Arrays.
Chapter 5: Working with Operators, Expressions, and Statements.
Chapter 6: Getting into the Flow with Loops and Branches.
Part II: Organizing Your JavaScript.
Chapter 7: Getting Functional.
Chapter 8: Making and Using Objects.
Part III: JavaScript on the Web.
Chapter 9: Controlling the Browser with the Window Object.
Chapter 10: Manipulating Documents with the DOM.
Chapter 11: Using Events in JavaScript.
Chapter 12: Integrating Input and Output.
Chapter 13: Working with CSS and Graphics.
Part IV: Beyond the Basics.
Chapter 14: Searching with Regular Expressions.
Chapter 15: Understanding Callbacks and Closures.
Chapter 16: Embracing AJAX and JSON.
Part V: JavaScript and HTML5.
Chapter 17: HTML5 APIs.
Chapter 18: jQuery.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 19: Ten JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries to Learn Next
Chapter 20: Ten Common JavaScript Bugs and How to Avoid Them.
Chapter 21: Ten Online Tools to Help You Write Better JavaScript.

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