JavaScript for Kids, Morgan N., 2014

JavaScript for Kids, Morgan N., 2014.

   JavaScript is the programming language of the Internet, the secret sauce that makes the Web awesome, your favorite sites interactive, and online games fun!
JavaScript for Kids is a lighthearted introduction that teaches programming essentials through patient, step-by-step examples paired with funny illustrations. You’ll begin with the basics, like working with strings, arrays, and loops, and then move on to more advanced topics, like building interactivity with jQuery and drawing graphics with Canvas.

JavaScript for Kids, Morgan N., 2014

Well create a move method to move the snake one block in its current direction. To move the snake, we add a new head segment (by adding a new block object to the beginning of the segments array) and then remove the tail segment from the end of the segments array.

The move method will also call a method, checkCollision, to see whether the new head has collided with the rest of the snake or with the wall, and whether the new head has eaten the apple. If the new head has collided with the body or the wall, we end the game by calling the gameOver function we created in Chapter 16. If the snake has eaten the apple, we increase the score and move the apple to a new location.

Part I: Fundamentals.
Chapter 1: What Is JavaScript?.
Chapter 2: Data Types and Variables.
Chapter 3: Arrays.
Chapter 4: Objects.
Chapter 5: The Basics of HTML.
Chapter 6: Conditionals and Loops.
Chapter 7: Creating a Hangman Game.
Chapter 8: Functions.
Part II: Advanced JavaScript.
Chapter 9: The DOM and jQuery.
Chapter 10: Interactive Programming.
Chapter 11: Find the Buried Treasure!.
Chapter 12: Object-Oriented Programming.
Part III: Canvas.
Chapter 13: The canvas Element.
Chapter 14: Making Things Move on the Canvas.
Chapter 15: Controlling Animations with the Keyboard.
Chapter 16: Making a Snake Game: Part 1.
Chapter 17: Making a Snake Game: Part 2.
Afterword: Where to Go from Here.

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