Google AdSens For Dummies, Jerri Ledford, 2008

Google AdSens For Dummies, Jerri Ledford, 2008.

   The Web is big business, and you probably picked up Google AdSense For Dummies hoping to tap into some of the money that’s available online. Good choice. I wrote this book to help you to make more money online.
I’m not talking the get rich scheme of the decade, though. AdSense is serious business and requires serious effort. This book is designed to give you an understanding of AdSense and how to make the most money possible using it with your particular Web site. Not everyone is destined to be an AdSense millionaire, but using the principles I lay out in the pages that follow should help you at least add enough money to your budget to enjoy a nice dinner out now and again.

Google AdSens For Dummies, Jerri Ledford, 2008

Understanding Google AdSense.
Since the Internet first began in the early ’80s, it’s grown like kudzu in southern Alabama — faster than anyone can keep up with. The adoption of the Internet has been so rapid, in fact, that some companies are spending millions of dollars trying to find ways for third-world countries to have Internet availability.

Closer to home, however, it’s probably safe to say that the majority of people already have Internet access. It’s probably even safe to take that one step further and say the majority of Internet users also have a Web site, a blog, both, or multiples of both. The Internet Economy has taken over.

Many of the people who use the Internet see it as a path to the business they always wanted to own but couldn’t because of the business ownership costs. Setting up a Web site is relatively inexpensive — add some e-commerce capabilities and then connect a blog to it to advertise the existence of the site and the products or services offered on the site.

Part I: AdSense Basics.
Chapter 1: Understanding Google AdSense.
Chapter 2: Getting Started with AdSense.
Chapter 3: Building a Content-Rich Web Site.
Chapter 4: AdSense and Search Engine Optimization.
Chapter 5: Installing the AdSense Code.
Part II: The Major Players: AdSense for Content, AdSense for Search.
Chapter 6: Building the Right Content.
Chapter 7: Designing the Per fect Content Ad.
Chapter 8: Understanding AdSense for Search.
Part III: Other Types of AdSense.
Chapter 9: Show Me Some Video (& Other Gadgets).
Chapter 10: AdSense for Mobile.
Chapter 11: AdSense for RSS.
Chapter 12: The AdSense Referral Program.
Chapter 13: AdSense Your Blog.
Part IV: AdSense Administration.
Chapter 14: Tracking AdSense Responses.
Chapter 15: Using AdSense Reports.
Chapter 16: AdSense Revenues.
Part V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 17: Ten (Plus Two) Must-Have Tools for AdSense.
Chapter 18: Ten AdSense Don’ts.
Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Improve Web Site Traffic.

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