PHP notes for professionals

PHP notes for professionals.

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PHP notes for professionals


PHP can also be run from command line directly using the CLI (Command Line Interface).
CLI is basically the same as PHP from web servers, except some differences in terms of standard input and output.
The PHP CLI allows four ways to run PHP code:
1. Standard input. Run the php command without any arguments, but pipe PHP code into it: echo '<?php echo "Hello world!";' | php
2. Filename as argument. Run the php command with the name of a PHP source file as the first argument: php hello_world.php - PHP Notes for Professionals
3. Code as argument. Use the -r option in the php command, followed by the code to run. The <?php open tags are not required, as everything in the argument is considered as PHP code: php -r 'echo "Hello world!";'
4. Interactive shell. Use the -a option in the php command to launch an interactive shell. Then, type (or paste) PHP code and hit [ return ]: $ php -a Interactive mode enabled php > echo "Hello world!"; Hello world!

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