C++, Notes For Professionals

C++, Notes For Professionals.

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C++, Notes For Professionals


A comment is a way to put arbitrary text inside source code without having the C++ compiler interpret it with any functional meaning. Comments are used to give insight into the design or method of a program.
There are two types of comments in C++:
Single-Line Comments
The double forward-slash sequence // will mark all text until a newline as a comment:
int main() {
// This is a single-line comment, int a; // this also is a single-line comment int i; // this is another single-line comment >
C-Style/Block Comments
The sequence /* is used to declare the start of the comment block and the sequence */ is used to declare the end of comment. All text between the start and end sequences is interpreted as a comment, even if the text is otherwise valid C++ syntax. These are sometimes called "C-style" comments, as this comment syntax is inherited from C++'s predecessor language, C:
int main()
{ /* * This is a block comment. */ int a; >

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