C Notes For Professionals

C Notes For Professionals.

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C Notes For Professionals

Hello World.

To create a simple С program which prints "Hello, World" on the screen, use a text editor to create a new file (e.g. hello. с — the file extension must be . c) containing the following source code:
#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
puts("Hello, World");
return 9; >
Live demo on Coliru
Let's look at this simple program line by line
#include <stdio.h>
This line tells the compiler to include the contents of the standard library header file stdio.h in the program. Headers are usually files containing function declarations, macros and data types, and you must include the header file before you use them. This line includes stdio.h so it can call the function puts().
See more about headers.
int main(void)
This line starts the definition of a function. It states the name of the function (main), the type and number of arguments it expects (void, meaning none), and the type of value that this function returns (int). Program execution starts in the main() function.

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