Wider World 2, Students Book, Hastings B., McKinlay S., 2017

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Wider World 2, Students' Book, Hastings B., McKinlay S., 2017.

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Australia is a continent, country and an island. It is very famous for its nature. It has 550 national parks and fifteen World Heritage Sites. In Australia, you can see mountains, salt lakes, deserts, rainforests, coral reefs and amazing beaches!

Wider World 2, Students' Book, Hastings B., McKinlay S., 2017

The USA.
The USA has fifty states and they are all different. There are many different kinds of climate, landscape, cities and culture in the USA. People from all over the world live there. It is very multicultural.

DC Washington DC is the capital of the USA. It is an important city. The President and his family live in Washington DC in the White House. The White House has tennis courts, a swimming pool and a cinema for the President's family. Inside the White House is the Oval Office. It is the office of the President. Leaders from around the world travel to the Oval Office to meet the President.

I love NYC New York city, or the 'Big Apple' has a population of 8.2 million people. The New York skyline is very famous. It has some tall buildings called skyscrapers. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler building are easy to recognise. The Statue of Liberty is in New York Harbour. It was a present from the people of France to the USA, It is a symbol of freedom and democracy.

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