Wider World 2, Workbook, Edwards L., 2017

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Wider World 2, Workbook, Edwards L., 2017.

Фрагмент из книги:
I usually watch TV in my room but sometimes I watch it with my family. That’s good because we don’t often spend a lot of time together. Also we can talk about the film or programme and sometimes have arguments! But one problem is that my family often disagrees about what they want to watch! So, in my room I can choose my own programmes.

Wider World 2, Workbook, Edwards L., 2017

Complete the sentences with the words from Exercise 3.
1 The new singer in the band is very attractive with his dark hair and green eyes!
2 Angela is a very dancer and can do the most difficult moves.
3 My friend likes the classical of dancing but I prefer modem dances.
4 There’s a new of the ballet Sleeping Beauty - they say it’s amazing.
5 The dancers are very. They can jump and lift their legs over their heads!
6 Sharifa uses to create dances - she thinks of the moves while she’s dancing.

Complete the adjectives in the sentences.
1 Someone who can write stories and paint pictures is creative.
2 Someone who loves something very much is passion
3 Something that is exciting is thrill
4 Something that makes you feel free is liberat
5 Something that you can’t stop watching is hypno
6 Something that makes you feel happy is uplift.

Starter unit Welcome to Harlow Mill.
Unit 1 Time for culture.
1.1 Vocabulary.
1.2 Grammar.
1.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
1.4 Grammar.
1.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
1.6 Speaking.
1.7 Writing.
1.8 Self-assessment.
1.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 2 Friends and family.
2.1 Vocabulary.
2.2 Grammar.
2.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
2.4 Grammar.
2.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
2.6 Speaking.
2.7 English in use.
2.8 Self-assessment.
2.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 3 Animal magic.
3.1 Vocabulary.
3.2 Grammar.
3.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
3.4 Grammar.
3.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
3.6 Speaking.
3.7 Writing.
3.8 Self-assessment.
3.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 4 New technology.
4.1 Vocabulary.
4.2 Grammar.
4.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
4.4 Grammar.
4.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
4.6 Speaking.
4.7 English in use.
4.8 Self-assessment.
4.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 5 My nome, my town.
5.1 Vocabulary.
5.2 Grammar.
5.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
5.4 Grammar.
Unit 5 (continued) My home, my town.
5.6 Speaking.
5.7 Writing.
5.8 Self-assessment.
5.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 6 Take care.
6.1 Vocabulary.
6.2 Grammar.
6.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
6.4 Grammar.
6.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
6.6 Speaking.
6.7 English in use.
6.8 Self-assessment.
6.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 7 Shopping around.
7.1 Vocabulary.
7.2 Grammar.
7.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
7.4 Grammar.
7.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
7.6 Speaking.
7.7 Writing.
7.8 Self-assessment.
7.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 8 Learning to work.
8.1 Vocabulary.
8.2 Grammar.
8.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
8.4 Grammar.
8.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
8.6 Speaking.
8.7 English in use.
8.8 Self-assessment.
8.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 9 Close to nature.
9.1 Vocabulary.
9.2 Grammar.
9.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
9.4 Grammar.
9.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
9.6 Speaking.
9.7 Writing.
9.8 Self-assessment.
9.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Exam time 1.
Exam time 2.
Exam time 3.
Self-checks answer key.

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