Wider World 3, Workbook, Dignen S., 2016

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Wider World 3, Workbook, Dignen S., 2016.

   Wider World is the portal to a fascinating world of English language knowledge and skills for the 21st century learner. The combination of authentic and engaging videos from the BBC with Pearson’s ELT expertise gives teenage learners everything they need to achieve their goals in the wider world.

Wider World 3, Workbook, Dignen S., 2016

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Starter unit Welcome to Woodley Bridge.
Unit 1 That’s my world!.
Unit 2 Wild nature.
Unit 3 The taste test.
Unit 4 Curtain up!.
Unit 5 The big match!.
Unit 5 (continued) The big match!.
Unit 6 See the world!.
Unit 7 Getting to know you.
Unit 8 No time for crime.
Unit 9 Think outside the box.

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