Wider World 1, Students Book, Hastings B., McKinlay S., 2017

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Wider World 1, Students' Book, Hastings B., McKinlay S., 2017.

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The United Kingdom is England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The government of the UK is in London. The Prime Minister is the head of the government. Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State. The United Kingdom is a multicultural society. There are many different ethnic groups. People from India, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Africa and China live in the UK.

Wider World 1, Students' Book, Hastings B., McKinlay S., 2017

What is a mummy?
The Ancient Egyptians buried dead people in an interesting way. They prepared the body with special oils and put it in a stone or wooden box called a sarcophagus. These bodies lasted a long time and we can look at them in museums today. The bodies are called mummies. They also put food and valuable things with the bodies. Sometimes they put the dead person’s pet cat there!

Why did they do this?
The Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife. They thought that the spirit of the dead person went to another world. They needed their body and lots of their things to use in this afterlife. They needed food and drink for the journey there.

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