Wider World 1, Workbook, Edwards L., 2017

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Wider World 1, Workbook, Edwards L., 2017.

  Wider World is the portal to a fascinating world of English language knowledge and skills for the 21st century learner. The combination of authentic and engaging videos from the BBC with Pearson’s ELT expertise gives teenage learners everything they need to achieve their goals in the wider world.

Wider World 1, Workbook, Edwards L., 2017

Marty’s job.
I'm really into sport. My parents took me to tennis lessons when I was very young. I was only three years old! Then, two years later. I started judo and I really enjoyed it. When I was eleven. I got a brilliant new bicycle for my birthday and I started cycling. I was good and I was in the national team. I won lots of medals for my country. My big brother also loves sport - he's a professional football player. He gets a lot of money. It's great if your hobby can be your job

I wanted to be a professional cyclist but I broke my leg when I was thirteen. Now I can’t do a lot of sport. It made me very sad. But I found a new job with sport! Now 1 write about sport for a website. I love it. Every weekend I go to matches and tournaments. Then I write about them. Of course. I'm still a student and I can’t write every day. When I'm eighteen. I want to go to university and learn to be a better writer. Then I can be a professional and get lots of money from sport, like my big brother!

Starter unit My world.
Unit 1 People are people.
1.1 Vocabulary.
1.2 Grammar.
1.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
1.4 Grammar.
1.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
1.6 Speaking.
1.7 Writing.
1.8 Self-assessment.
1.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 2 It’s delicious!.
2.1 Vocabulary.
2.2 Grammar.
2.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
2.4 Grammar.
2.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
2.6 Speaking.
2.7 English in use.
2.8 Self-assessment.
2.9 Self-check BBC Culture.
Unit 3 Every day.
3.1 Vocabulary.
3.2 Grammar.
3.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
3.4 Grammar.
3.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
3.6 Speaking.
3.7 Writing.
3.8 Self-assessment.
3.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 4 Love to learn.
4.1 Vocabulary.
4.2 Grammar.
4.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
4.4 Grammar.
4.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
4.6 Speaking.
4.7 English in use.
4.8 Self-assessment.
4.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 5 The music of life.
5.1 Vocabulary.
5.2 Grammar.
5.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
5.4 Grammar.
Unit 5 (continued) The music of life.
5.6 Speaking.
5.7 Writing.
5.8 Self-assessment.
5.9 Self-check BBC Culture.
Unit 6 A question of sport.
6.1 Vocabulary.
6.2 Grammar.
6.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
6.4 Grammar.
6.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
6.6 Speaking.
6.7 English in use.
6.8 Self-assessment.
6.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 7 The time machine.
7.1 Vocabulary.
7.2 Grammar.
7.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
7.4 Grammar.
7.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
7.6 Speaking.
7.7 Writing.
7.8 Self-assessment.
7.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 8 Talking to the world.
8.1 Vocabulary.
8.2 Grammar.
8.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
8.4 Grammar.
8.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
8.6 Speaking.
8.7 English in use.
8.8 Self-assessment.
8.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Unit 9 Getting around.
9.1 Vocabulary.
9.2 Grammar.
9.3 Reading and Vocabulary.
9.4 Grammar.
9.5 Listening and Vocabulary.
9.6 Speaking.
9.7 Writing.
9.8 Self-assessment.
9.9 Self-check.
BBC Culture.
Exam time 1.
Exam time 2.
Exam time 3.

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