New Headway Beginner, Teacher’s Book, Soars J., Soars L., Maris A., 2011

New Headway Beginner, Teacher's Book, Fourth edition, Soars J., Soars L., Maris A., 2011.

   New Headway Beginner, Fourth edition is a foundation course for adult and young adult true beginners. It is also suitable for students who have already learned a little English, perhaps some years ago, but who don’t yet feel confident enough to move on. They want to go back before they move forward.
New language is introduced gradually and methodically, in measured amounts, and in a logical order. Listening material is provided across two class CDs. Vocabulary has been selected carefully to avoid overloading. There are many controlled practice activities, which aim to give beginners the confidence to proceed, but there is also some simple skills work, which incorporates manageable communicative activities appropriate for low-level students. In the Everyday English sections, we deal with social and functional language, and survival skills.

New Headway Beginner, Teacher's Book, Fourth edition, Soars J., Soars L., Maris A., 2011

Language aims.
Grammar - am/are/is The verb to be is introduced in the singular with the subjects I, you, this, and it (he/she/they are introduced in Unit 2). The focus is on the positive and on questions with the question words what and how. The question words are introduced through the functions of meeting people and greeting: What’s your name?, How are you?, and talking about objects: What’s this in English? Other question words are introduced and reviewed systematically throughout the course.

Possessive adjectives My and your are introduced in the unit, with the other possessive adjectives being presented across the first four units of the course.

Vocabulary and speaking A set of key everyday words is introduced, some of which are international words, e.g. camera. There is an opportunity to extend this basic set via the classroom context. Numbers 1-10 and -s/-es noun plurals are also introduced and practised.

Teaching beginners - tips and techniques.
UNIT 1 am /a re I is, my/your • This is... • How are you? • Good morning! What’s this in English? • Numbers 1-1 0 • Plurals.
UNIT 2 Countries • he/she/they, his/her • Where’s he from? fantastic/awful/beautiful • Numbers 11-30.
UNIT 3 Jobs • am/are/is • Negatives and questions • Personal information Social expressions (1).
UNIT 4 our/their • Possessive s • The family • has/have • The alphabet.
UNIT 5 Sports/Food/Drinks • Present Simple - IIyou/we/ they • at an Languages and nationalities • Numbers and prices.
UNIT 6 The time • Present Simple - he/she • always/sometimes/never Words that go together • Days o f the week.
UNIT 7 Question words • те/h im /us/them • this/that • Adjectives • Can I...?.
UNIT 8 Rooms and furniture • There is/are • Prepositions • Directions.
UNIT 9 Saying years • was/were born • Past Simple - irregular verbs • have/do/go When’s your birthday?.
UNIT 10 Past Simple - regular and irregular • Questions and negatives • Sport and leisure Going sightseeing.
UNIT 11 can/cant • Adverbs • Adjective + noun • Everyday problems.
UNIT 12 I ’d like - some/any • In a restaurant • Signs all around.
UNIT 13 Colours and clothes • Present Continuous • Opposite verbs • What’s the matter?.
UNIT 14 Future plans • Grammar revision • Vocabulary revision • Social expressions (2).
Photocopiable worksheets Units 1-14.

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