Compact Key for Schools, Workbook without Answers, Treloar F., 2014

Compact Key for Schools, Workbook without Answers, Treloar F., 2014.

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Compact Key for Schools is a concise and focused course which thoroughly prepares A2-level students for all three papers of Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools. Twelve units provide 50-60 hours of core material to maximise the performance of school-age learners.

Compact Key for Schools, Workbook without Answers, Treloar F., 2014

Katie Melua: My holidays.
My best holiday ever was staying in the Maidive Islands, at the Anantara Dhigu Hotel. We had a brilliant time doing water sports and eating in restaurants near the hotel after resting for a few days when we first got there. And the most exciting thing happened: my boyfriend asked me to marry him! We were walking along the beach one evening and he suddenly asked me! After the walk, we had a special dinner of fantastic fish and fruit dishes on the beach,

but we were so excited that we couldn’t eat much of it. We went and sat by the sea and watched some baby sharks in the water.

Last September we went to Cornwall, England after our wedding. I’ve been to Cornwall’s beaches in the rain before, but we were lucky with the weather this time. While we were staying there, I decided to start surfing, so booked a lesson and loved it.

One of the worst things about travelling is losing your luggage. Once, my suitcase was lost on a flight to Germany. I was singing in a concert in Baden-Baden, which is famous for its natural hot baths. Unfortunately, it doesn't have many clothes shops! I had to borrow a friend’s old jeans to wear while I was doing the show!

1 My family, my friends & me.
2 In my free time.
3 Eating in, eating out.
4 What are you doing now?.
5 Great places to visit.
6 Getting there.
7 School rules!.
8 We had a great time!.
9 What 's on?
10 Are you an outdoors person?
11 Healthy body, healthy mind.
12 Technology & me.
Vocabulary extra.
Audio scripts.

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